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EMR/EHR Solutions

EMR/EHR Equipment Integration

Our vast knowledge of servicing medical diagnostic equipment for over 15 years, allows us to come up with the best solutions for your integration needs.We provide the solution to integrate most diagnostic equipment with your existing EMR/EHR system.

Your practice’s EMR/EHR must have the integration portal installed and available to receive files from your equipment.
Most diagnostic equipment will need a license to allow DICOM files to be exported to your EMR system. The licenses can be obtained from the equipment manufacture. Your EMR needs to be DICOM compliant or at least accept .PDF, .TIFF, or .JPEG file formats.

EMR integration involves having your equipment on the network and available to export DICOM files. Normally, when the equipment is integrated, it exports DICOM files to the PACS server or directly to your EMR server. Then from there it is easily accessible to any of your EMR review stations in your exam rooms or your office.

There are some equipment requirements to be able to integrate them to your EMR. Equipment with network ports are able to be integrated. For equipment without network connectivity, the solutions would be a PDF printer attached to the instrument. Call us to schedule a Site Survey to recieve a quote.

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